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The ghosts see it all

They see two seemingly happy couples. They see a night of celebration, glasses raised in the air and big smiles. But they also see all the moments in between, the secret passions, the deception, the infidelity, the murderous intent.

Rehearsing for this production has been different than anything we've ever been a part off. We don't need to show the audience, the dead, anything, they have to find it. We've had to realize there will be unseen people swarming around us, picking up clues, using otherworldly powers to influence our actions.

It's been thrilling and SO DIFFICULT! Our performance has to be real life, has to be done with no audience consciousnesses. We have to speak in the most normal of volumes like we are being amplified on a microphone into a film camera but the show flows on like a river. The only way this is able to come together is that we've assembled some of the most talented improvisors in LA that have to be flexible enough to follow a story that is prodded from all sides by eavesdropping spirits.

The ghosts see it all.

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