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Dead right

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

The run was an unmitigated success. Five show nights, ten shows, completely sold out by opening night. We sketched the sandbox and let people explore death, with our guests peaking into the world of the living as invisible voyeurs. Our visitors were fans of escape rooms, murder mysteries, immersive shows, haunted houses but this show was something more.

It simply refuses to be put into

tidy little categories.

As creators of the experience, we learned a great deal too, as the audience had a Lord of the Flies feel, with the guests forming teams, standing back, electing leaders, or simply spying alone.

...blends up escape rooms, immersive

theatre, and a mystery with a clever

conceit, an unusually intimate audience

size, and strong, nuanced acting.

It was an event of discovery as the visitors searched the space between worlds, scouring for ways to reach through the shroud of death to contact the living. Clues led them to accuse or exonerate the corporeally which led to the final moments of their time to peer through the looking glass of mortality.

The Shadow Space manages to invent

a rather brilliant format that can and

should be applied to any number of

new stories. One gets the feeling that

they are only scratching the surface of

this excellent concept.

-Haunting. net

If you didn't get to join us, don't worry. We're planning another run soon as well a as a whole world of ghostly delights. Sign up to the mailing list for details. Gather your friends, stoke the fire of your spirits, and come visit us soon in The Shadow Space.

Will Blair be able to reach the living and find a way out?

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