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Death becomes us

After over a year of conceptualizing, The Shadow space is about to come to life (and death.) Finding a venue was hard, with many false leads but eventually we not only found one but the PERFECT one. Built in 1906 this house is as beautiful as it is creepy, painstakingly restored to its glory by owner Brian Frisk, who will also be joining the cast as one of our spirit guides.

Los Angeles has an incredible talent pool to draw from and we've assembled not just actors but people that are versed in interactive productions and who are incredible improvisors that will be able to bend as the narrative is shaped around the audience's actions.

The Shadow Space isn't just theatre, it's a place where the boundaries between the show and the spectator is permeable and we can't wait to engulf audiences in it. Now we rehearse for every possible outcome, ready to welcome friendly spirits into our maze between the living and the dead.

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